Project development
Project Development,
Both private sector and public institutions and non-governmental organizations need to create new projects in order to realize their ideas and ensure their continuity in the fields of activity. This includes financial, administrative, technical, technological and market support needs. One or several of our requirements are covered by our project development services.
We will provide appropriate and effective projects with these services.
Our project development services are structured in such a way that the domestic and foreign contracting sector will serve the municipalities in Turkey as well.
For private sector organizations,
* Export facilities development,
* Industrial investments,
* Commercial real estate investments,
* Mass housing projects and villas projects,
* Energy investments are similar investments,
* Abroad projects such as construction and installation contracting services are available.
For municipalities, projects can be developed in the direction of local needs and demands, especially with the issues of social development, struggle against unemployment, profession and arts, addressing to the masses of the people.
Project development, financing and / or investor / operator partnership operations should be included within the scope of our project development services.
These services are carried out within the scope of support that we will receive from domestic and foreign sources.