Financial status report
Financial status report,
The balance sheets and financial statements requested by the banks while claiming loans from the banks are of great importance in the evaluation of the credits. Meeting the deficiencies and requirements in this regard means that the firm has the possibility of financing more easily.
In the study to be carried out for this purpose you should evaluate and report the deficiencies related to your balance sheet / management and partnership structure in terms of financial and financial performance of the company, which are not in compliance with the banks in the bilateral and management / partnership structure but they do not share with you and you are not aware or do not see in the banks, It will be relieved.
We will be able to draw your easier way and make it faster and easier to make the right decisions.
In the financial statement examination, if there are any missing or excessive ones, you will be informed about the appropriate solutions you can get and giving the rapord.
As a result of the extensive analysis and reporting made on the basis of the financial statements of the companies and general management approach, some of the potential hurdles for protecting and financing the company from many internal external threats and future possible risks have been removed as well as the pre-determination of the potential problems faced by the companies and taking necessary precautions It will be.
At the same time, general costs, financial costs and possible financial risks and opportunities can be reported with this report. If desired, it can also be reported on the financial statements how the company can be offset by the sources, the futures and financial costs.
This report to be prepared will be based on the financial tables of each company for at least three years and is specific to the company.
Depending on the financial size of the firm, the financial data can be prepared within 2-4 weeks from the delivery of the financial data.