solid waste burning proses
Disposal of organic wastes and disposal of treatment sludges
problems. Rapid increase in urban life, increase in population,
wild storage and even landfill due to continuous growth and difficulties in producing land
it has ceased to be a solution for such wastes and has become the problem of almost every city.
As a result of rapid increase in world population and change of consumption habits,
our natural resources, which are limited in nature, decrease day by day. So raw materials
our natural resources by recycling recyclable waste to reduce their consumption.
we have to use it efficiently. For this reason, recovery of natural resources and efficient
It is important to use.
Recycling method by reducing the number of industrial processes in raw material production
saves energy. Reduction of the amount of waste going to landfill through the application of recovery
less space and less energy for handling and storing these wastes
used. The recovery process is considered as an efficient economic investment.
Economic problems arise as a result of the decrease in raw materials and the rapid depletion of natural resources
recovery process will have a positive effect on the economy. New job opportunities and
will enable future generations to benefit from natural resources.