Questions to be answered by investors who want to have an investment project business plan.

Please answers the following questions to help me better understand your venture and the requirements. Please include all the relevant information. If you want to add information not covered in the questionnaire, you are welcome to provide it at the end of the document


  1.      What is the name of the brand?
  2.      What is the idea of your venture/brand? What does it do?
  3.      In which country does it operate, or you want to launch?
  4.      Any website or social media channels that the brand has? (if so, please provide their links here)
  5.      Who are the customers or clients?
  6.      Since how long is the venture operational? (If it is already operational)
  7.      What is your service or product that you will offer to your customers or clients?
  8.      How your services or products are valuable to your buyers?
  9.      How your services are different from your competitors?
  10.    Please mention any ventures similar to your brand or any competitors you have? (please provide links to their websites and social media)
  11.    What is the ideology of the brand? How does it want to serve its customers differently? Or how is it different from its competitors?
  12.    Have you run any marketing campaigns previously?
  13.    What are the branding and marketing related issues you are facing? (if any)
  14.    What goals do you want to achieve through the strategy?
  15.    Is there any other issue that your venture is facing or can face potentially?
  16.    Which channels do you want to use for promotions and marketing campaigns?
  17.    What is your estimated monthly marketing budget?
  18.    Any further information you want to provide, or you think will be helpful in developing a strategy.