business plan
Business plan,
If you are producing a product or service, or are planning to make a change in your existing production or services. If this idea / project you plan to spend is a project that will be put into practice for the first time, rather than an ongoing application, production or service, you will need a feasibility study report on the feasibility of this project .
The feasibility study report will examine the proposal with all the details and will report a conclusion as to whether it can be done as a result or otherwise.
If the feasibility report gives a conclusion about the feasibility of the business idea, the report for the feasibility of the report is also called the Business Plan. If the project is being implemented but a project for development or capacity building is being developed, the Business Plan study can also be done directly.
The essential headings to be in a Business plan report are:
1-Executive summary,
2-Company history and current situation information,
3-Product / production / import / manufacturing / service information,
4-Management and personnel information,
5-Markets and marketing, sales plans
6-Manufacturing / import / services process plans
7-Financial information.
8-Risks, advantages and benefits,
9-ime planning,
10-Financial statements / profit / loss and cash flow and necessary tables.
If you believe in this report, especially as a business / business owner and / or manager, after a business plan has been made, and you are able to rely on financial institutions or private investors who may be behind this report, a professional BUSINESS PLAN will also persuade financial institutions or private investors to finance you will be a serious document that needs to be found in your hands.