Recycling plant financing
Recycling plant financing 
The solid waste sorting plants has the ability to sort organic and inorganic materials as household wastes. In addition, it sorts inorganic materials to be recycled and make them ready for a secondary process.
Thanks to the technology of the solid waste sorting plants, a work which can be completed with 100 people in normal conditions can be completed by a 15-people team. The plants which shall be managed from full automatic control room (SCADA) sorts organic and inorganic wastes by a trommel screen.
Afterwards, it separates glass, metal, aluminium, plastic and paper products by ballistic, optical and eddy current separators. These advanced technology separators sort packages by colour, weight, thickness and magnetism. The sorted packaging wastes are made ready to transport the related recycling plants by bail press machines.
The sample plants of which technical properties are explained below entered into service in Bilecik and it sorts 300 tons of household and industrial wastes a day.