Business Plan
Business plan, Budget and Management,
The aim of every entrepreneur is to grow and develop his dream organization. With the entrepreneurial calculations and plans made during the initial stage, the enterprise can be successful in its early years and grow unexpectedly.
Initially, the management can control all subjects, personnel movements at all levels, customers, purchases, deliveries, collections, receivables, debts and bank movements and assigns some of these services and duties to other managers as business develops and grows.
If the business owner / entrepreneur / founder cannot create a management that is suitable for growth and development;
If growth, production, sales, investment, financing, human resources, sales, exports, imports, market analyzes, risks, opportunities and threats cannot be created within the scope of a business plan (Business plan), they cannot serve and guide management,
If you do not have a budget program in line with your business plan objectives, which resources you will use when, in what amounts and for what purpose, you do not have a financial management plan, collections, payments and cash flow how much you need to grow,
No matter how big a business you are, the danger bells are ringing for you. Don`t forget to use three musketeers to protect, watch, develop and grow your business.