Waste Management content,
1- ORGANIZATION PLAN: In order to carry out the operations of the waste from a single source and smoothly, a responsible person should be determined as a first step and an Environmental Unit consisting of sufficient number of personnel should be established by this person (s). An organization plan should be prepared to identify other areas of duty and responsibility, such as personnel responsible for waste collection by the responsible person and the person responsible for the temporary storage area.
2- IDENTIFICATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF WASTES: All wastes planned to be managed must first be identified and their sources identified. First of all, municipal solid wastes, packaging wastes and industrial wastes (hazardous wastes, waste oils, contaminated (contaminated with any hazardous wastes / waste oils) received by the municipality should be determined and their frequency and amount of occurrence should be determined. and how it should be collected, transported, temporarily stored, maximum storage time should be determined.
3- SEPARATION OF WASTES AT THE SOURCE: In order to collect all wastes separately at the source, containers should be placed in the places where these wastes are formed in a sufficient size and in accordance with the type and quality of the waste (Closed containers should be used for hazardous wastes. If possible, containers of different colors can also be used for different wastes, so an application will increase the success of separate collection of wastes at source.
4- TRAINING: Both the team responsible for waste management and all personnel should be provided with training / information on waste management, everyone should be informed about their duties and the waste responsible should be reminded about the separate collection of wastes and the citizens should be reminded about this.
5- TEMPORARY WASTE STORAGE; A tesis Temporary Waste Storage Area dır should be established in order to ensure that the waste collected separately with different containers at the source is stored in the facility safely and in accordance with the legislation. Different storage areas can be established for hazardous wastes, packaging wastes and household wastes. Temporary storage of hazardous wastes; There should be an area in the facility area with sealed concrete floor, covered, prevented against spills and leaks, different sections have been created for different wastes and different wastes will be stored separately in these sections in a suitable way (if necessary in the container). Names of wastes stored in the sections in this field are written. If the container is used for the storage of waste and sections, information such as waste code, storage date is written on the container. Precautions shall be taken against the entry of unauthorized persons to this section. In addition, measures are taken against fire and emergency in this area. Similarly, in the area used for packaging wastes and domestic wastes, precautions are taken against the distribution of wastes by rain and wind.
6- RECYCLING OF WASTES: For the disposal and / or recovery of the wastes in the temporary storage area, the transaction should be finalized by sending to the licensed licensed facilities.