Energy production plant from waste
 energy production plant from waste,
Disposal of organic wastes and sludge from treatment is among the most important environmental problems today. Due to the rapid increase of urban life, the increase in the population, the continuous growth of the cities and the difficulties in producing land, wild storage and even landfill has become a problem for almost every city.
As a result of the rapid increase in the world population and changing consumption habits, our natural resources, which are limited in nature, are decreasing day by day. Therefore, in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials, we have to use our natural resources efficiently by recyclating qualified wastes. Therefore, recycling is important for the conservation and efficient use of our natural resources.
The recycling method saves energy by reducing the number of industrial processes in raw material production. With the implementation of recycling, the amount of waste going to the garbage is reduced, and less space and less energy is used for the transportation and storage of these wastes. The recovery process is considered as an efficient economic investment. The recovery process will have a positive effect on the economy as economic problems may arise as a result of the decrease of raw materials and the rapid depletion of natural resources. It will provide new business opportunities and opportunities for future generations to benefit from natural resources.
Today, there are many different alternatives for burning. These alternatives can be divided into wet burning, partial wet burning and dry burning depending on the moisture content of the biomass to be burned. High efficiency solid fuel hot oil boiler equipment with fluidized bed or moving grid is selected for combustion. The thermal oil at 310 ° C is obtained by burning 10% Moist Biomass through our boilers and combustion equipment, which are selected to obtain the highest efficiency from solid fuel, especially biomass.
After the organic waste mixture is dried in the drying system, the hot oil will be burned in the boiler. In accordance with the relevant laws, no fossil fuel will be used in the boiler where the waste will be incinerated at the temperatures required by the legislation. Since waste will be dried and incinerated, there will be no such need.
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