export import finance
 Opportunities for companies that import from Turkey.
Alternative financing opportunities for any kind of goods, machinery and equipment.
1- Cash Against Goods payment method,
Ø AKFER submits the documents representing your goods to the importer, free of charge, directly or via bank. The importer pays for the goods at a date after the goods have cleared from customs.
2- Short Term Export Credit Insurance method,
Ø AKFER covers commercial and political risks arising from our importers within the scope of insurance. Also offers payment terms between 30 and 360 days to our importers within the limits of buyer companies residing in the countries approved by our bank.
3-At Sight or Deferred Payment Letter of Credit method,
Ø AKFER provides export services on the supply of goods to your confirmed Letters of Credit.
Please send us your company details with the product information you would like to import, so we get in touch as soon as possible.