1-The bank guarantee or cash deposit of 20-25% of the project amount to be financed is required.
(25% bank guarantee or cash deposit required for projects less than 50M USD, 20% for projects larger than 50M USD.)
2- In the project, there is a 12-year maturity opportunity, with a 3-year grace period and a 9-year repayment.
3-In the grace period, interest and interim payments are not applied. Interest rates are reasonable. 
4- When the contracts are completed and the bank guarantee is given, the first installment is paid within 60 days. Generally, payments are completed in 12-18 monthly installments.
5-Once repayments are complete, the cash deposit or bank guarantee is refunded.
Requirements for application:
It must be a business plan or a project summary and it must be documented that 25% of the project amount is cash or bank guarantee or slbc.
When we receive this informations, we can send a preliminary proposal and procedure for project financing within two weeks.
There may be changes in the procedure depending on which country the project to be financed is in and whether the owner of the project is a cash deposit or bank guarantee.