Financial Consulting
Financial consulting,
Within the scope of consultancy service, the operation of the application is generally as follows; This constructed structure is not left to itself. Absolutely, at least 3 months (especially during the balance sheet periods) are reported by their operation, control and supervision. The following is an example of the operation of financial consulting content.
1- The subject of work,
To develop roads and systems in financial and financing issues, to offer suggestions, to make inspections, to report on findings and findings, and to make financial operations suitable. The financial status of the company is examined periodically, supervised, appropriate financing determinations, credit-debt management, cash management and follow-up. The system to be established at the same time will be a risk management.
2- Scope of work
The financial documents of the firm, its work with banks and other financial institutions, the financial processes within the company are examined and monitored. Results are reported. Evaluations are made and suggestions are made and the work to be done is indicated. Moreover, since the report is prepared in an institutional structure, it will be delivered to the bank in a convenient manner. It contributes to the institutional structure of the firm.