Light steel house finance
Light steel house finance 
Light Steel Villa If the project construction demands have a minimum capacity of 30 units at home and a capacity of minimum 50 units at abroad, project, construction and financing opportunities can be created.
1-Steel villa, Carrier systems, cold-formed galvanized sheet metal profiles (U, C, Z, etc.) is the system where the carrier profiles are used. The coatings of the houses can be made of all kinds of materials the customer wants. Carrier galvanized steel profiles and wall and ceiling elements are usually fabricated and assembled on site. It provides an adequate, economical system with its carrier and coatings and provides quick installation. Steel carriers are covered with plasterboard, plywood or chipboard. Thermal insulation is made with materials such as glass wool, stone wool placed inside the outer walls.
The carrier system profiles are assembled to form cell modules at the factory or construction site. The installation is not affected by the weather and the entire structure can be completed in two to three weeks.
2-Steel, due to its high strength, flexibility and lightness, is the most durable construction material against earthquake. Being light, it provides resistance to impacts without breaking. The only factor that will reduce earthquake strength is the alleviation of the structure. Because the greater the mass of the structure, the greater the force the earthquake will exert on it. Steel houses are approximately 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete structures. This means that the earthquake load to the building is 5 times less. In the biggest earthquakes in recent years, the least damage occurred in light steel structures.
3-Except for the foundation and subassembly, the installation of the steel construction can be done very fast regardless of the weather conditions, since there is no need for concrete. This allows a reduction in construction costs. Since the construction permits are obtained and the foundation concrete is ready, the installation of a villa of 150-200 m2 can be completed in as short as 2-3 weeks.
4-In light steel carrier systems, galvanized steel sheet profiles are used and made resistant to corrosion and corrosion for years. Unlike construction systems, it does not create a lightning hazard. Because this risk is eliminated by grounding with protection system.